Ruby fell in love with creating fine jewellery when she lived in the South of France. Every day on her way to work, she would pass a shopfront and watch a bespectacled silversmith constructing his pieces. The quiet focus and the attention to detail piqued Ruby’s interest in this ancient craft.
Back in Melbourne, Ruby started her career shadowing a chain maker in Melbourne. This was where she learnt the basic skills of metal smithing and was introduced to the art of lost-wax casting. Since then, she has developed her practice through play and finding inspiration in the materials themselves.
Ruby’s works take inspiration from the colours and textures of the natural world, with each creation using wax settings that are bespoke to the stone. Ruby founded Serpent Rouge in 2020 with the intention of building a range inspired by the symbology of the snake, rebirth and seduction. Serpent Rouge jewellery is made from 100% recycled or responsibly sourced materials.