Vincent is a fine jewellery label, handmade to order in Melbourne, by Marlie Ingle.

Having worked in the fashion industry for 10 years prior to commencing her jewellery studies, Marlie has come to see jewellery as an extension of one's own personal style. To Marlie jewellery acts as both an intimate display of identity as well as a personal armour, with each conveying their own message to the world.

Though she loves the classics, it is through messing with conventions that she found her own style of making, mixing traditional jewellery making techniques and CAD (computer aided design).

Behind each piece of Vincent jewellery is the intention to imbue the wearer with a sense of confidence and a spirited playfulness. Each piece is designed to be worn everyday with many having multiple ways that they can be worn.

Eschewing gender altogether, all pieces are intended to be worn by everyone. Vincent's collections will never be divided by gender. Buy what you love to wear and express yourself freely.