Eloise Falkiner - Naiads - Laticauda Snake Choker


Inspired by the Laticauda Sea Snake this choker is beautifully sculptural and reminiscent of a snake moving through water. A simple, organic shape that looks lovely worn alone for a minimalist statement or paired with more textural pieces. A reversible piece to be worn with the opening at the front or back, depending on your mood! 

  • Available in recycled sterling silver or 18ct yellow gold-plated sterling silver.
  • Adjustable
  • Depth (at deepest point) of metal measures: 4mm
  • Ready to ship in 3 weeks

Handmade in Melbourne by Eloise



Please be careful with this piece. When openeing or closing avoid bending the metal in the same place repeatedly. Gentlty open with subtle movements along the length of the piece, making an opening about half the width of your neck, then carefully slide on. There is no need to close again when you take off the piece - leave it open or the next time you wear it.

Please use only warm soapy water to clean your jewellery. A metal specific polishing cloth, or specialised jewellery cleaner can also be used to rejuvenate your piece. Some of our jewellery pieces are unpolished and can change colour over time (especially if left unworn). This is not a manufacturing fault, just the manner of the material.

Please be conscious that gold-plated jewellery is delicate and may scratch or wear over time. We offer our customers gold plating renewal on their items when deemed necessary. We are happy to arrange this at minimal expense to the customer. Customers will need to cover the freight costs. We do not charge extra for this service or profit from it.


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